Shandita's champions 2018

20/01/2019 20:21

Walking test for BOAS-breeds

18/03/2017 12:17
The Finnish Kennel Club organized a walking test for BOAS-breeds. They invited two dogs of every breed to join the test. Shandita´s American Dream took part to the test. I am happy to tell the results were better than good - American Dream had no symptoms of BOAS, his breathing was mute before and...

Keke is #1 show dog at Kauhajoen Koiraharrastajat ry

07/05/2016 18:41
"Keke" Canmoy's Boston Pole Position was awarded #1 showdog 2015 by Kuortaneen Koiraharrastajat ry. We are proud of his achievement. 

Xmas boston terrier litter is born

25/12/2015 20:35
We have now the most beautiful prince and princess sired by my young BALTJW-15 FIJW-15 HEJW-15 Canmoy's Boston Pole Position "Keke". Puppies mother is FI CH V/G Bahama Vigor-Gemini "Ritva". This is her second and last litter. We are very thrilled about her puppies. 

Successful year 2015

20/12/2015 18:23
This year have been successfull to my own dogs (Canmoy's Boston Pole Position, P'Zazz Never Say Never, Shandita's Mister Mescal, Shandita's Winema, Tirina's Planet Viking, V/G Bahama Vigor-Gemini): - 4 x BIS placements / 4 x BIS-sijoitus - 5 x BIG placements / 5 x RYP-sijoitus  - 16 x BOB / 16...

Health tests

27/10/2015 11:32
Following dogs were health tested with excellent results 26.10.2015: Boston terriers Farhya Fra Det Gamle Kejserriege: patellas 0/0, eyes OK V/G Bahama Vigor-Gemini: eyes OK Tibetan spaniels Shandita's Miss Cinde-Rella, patellas 0/0, eyes OK Shandita's Mister Mescal, eyes OK Shandita's Queen of...

New champion in our team: FI CH V/G Bahama Vigor-Gemini

23/07/2015 20:00
I'm so happy about my first boston terrier champion FI CH V/G Bahama Vigor-Gemini. Congratulations to her breeder Adrian Alasinski. 

Welcome to our team Wigglytuff

17/07/2015 21:01

Boston terrier puppies / bostoninterrierin pentuja

08/05/2015 20:21
Hopefully Shandita's boston terrier puppies will be born in the beginning of July 2015...  You can see more info here.Toivottavasti Shandita's bostonipentuja syntyy heinäkuussa 2015. Lisätietoa löytyy täältä

Official health tests

08/05/2015 20:18
Boston terrier Tirina's Planet Viking: Eyes OK, patellas 0/0 / terveet silmät, polvet 0/0Tibetanspaniels C.I.B FI&EE&LT CH LTW-13 Shandita's Tru Finn & FI CH Toyway Xolpo: Eyes OK / Terveet silmät
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