Official health tests

02/03/2015 13:20
Boston terrier If I Can Dream By Elvis du Rocher des Ducs  - Eyes: ok, patellas 0/0 Tibetanspaniel C.I.B P'Zazz Never Say Never - Eyes: ok Tibetanspaniel Shandita's Party - Master Eyes ok, patellas 0/0  

New international champion / Uusi kansainvälinen muotovalio

15/02/2015 12:45
Almost 10 years old tibetanspaniel FI&SE&EE CH EE VCH Shandita's Winema achieved last needed CACIB for her international champion title in Tallinn 15.2.2015 under respected Matti Tuominen. Lähes 10 vuotias tiibetinspanieli Tiibetinspanieli FI&SE&EE MVA EE VET MVA Shandita's Winema...

New Italian champion / Uusi Italian muotovalio

17/01/2015 10:34
C.I.B FR&IT&CH&SM CH Shandita's Tru Jailene is officially now also Italian champion! Thank you Monique Egidi and big congratulations! I'm very proud of you! "Ellie" lives in France / C.I.B FR&IT&CH&SM MVA Shandita's Tru Jailene on nyt virallisesti Italian muotovalio!...

R.I.P Arundina Princess Shula 29.04.1999 - 11.01.2015

11/01/2015 10:23
We needed to say goodbye to our dear tibetanspaniel Arundina Princess Shula "Tyyne". Rest in peace our darling. We do miss you Tyyne <3 / Meidän piti sanoa hyvästi rakkaalle tiibetinspanielille Arundina Princess Shula "Tyyne". Lepää rauhassa rakkaamme. Me kaipaamme sinua Tyyne...

Tibetanspaniel puppies are born / Tiibetinspanielin pennut ovat syntynyeet

01/01/2015 08:00
You can see more information under tibetanspaniel puppies -page. / Näet lisää tietoa tiibetinspanielin pentuja -sivulta.

Our first bostonterrier puppies are born / Ensimmäinen bostoninterrieripentue on syntynyt

09/12/2014 15:07
We have now two beautiful princesses. Mother and babies are doing fine. You can see more pictures under puppies- page. 

Boston terrier Canmoy's Boston Pole Position moved to us / Bostoninterrieri Canmoy's Boston Pole Position muutti meille Pohjanmaan lakeuksille

29/11/2014 15:00
We picked up our new family member from Klaukkala. He is a bostonterrier Canmoy's Boston Pole Position. We feel very honoured to have this little promising boy. We would like to thank her breeder Tiina Taulos for this super boy. Hopefully we make you proud. Haimme uuden perheenjäsenen...

P'Zazz Never Say Never is now officially international show champion! / P'Zazz Never Say Never on nyt virallisesti kansainvälinen muotovalio

26/11/2014 10:49
C.I.B FI&SE&EE CH P'Zazz Never Say Never is now officially International show champion. Congratulations to his breeder Cathrin Westin, Sweden! / C.I.B FI&SE&EE MVA P'Zazz Never Say Never on nyt virallisesti kansainvälinen muotovalio! Onnittelut Svanten kasvattajalle...

Website launched

09/11/2014 17:00
09.11.2014 Our new website has been launched today. Please come back often to see updates.
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