Bostoninterrierin pentuja / Boston terrier puppies

Seuraava bostoninterrieri pentue suunnitteilla syksyllä 2019.

When we sell a puppy, we feel that we are selling something of ourselves. It is therefore very important to us that we know that the puppy will have a a good, active and permanent home in it’s new family. We want to ensure that our puppies come to caring and loving home, who takes care of them and give them everything they need such as time and love. It is very important that our buyers have thought long and well on the responsibility it is to own and care for a dog. You must be able to give your dog quality food, veterinary care when needed, vaccination and insurance. We require that you give your dog a good and loving home, where it becomes a part of the family. 

Our puppies are raised in the family. The puppies are raised inside our house, and are disposed to all the sounds, smells and impressions from a normal home. We have many visitors as the puppies grow up, so that the puppies are social and comfortable around people. They are handled a lot and learn that it’s OK to be turned on their back, picked up, having their claws cut etc. They will also meet children and  other dogs. So many important lessons are learned at this age, and we do our outmost to give the puppy the absolutely best start of life, before going to their new homes. The work the breeder does in this period is extremely important for your puppy and its further life. We do our best to give your puppy the very best start in life, before it arrives at it’s new home.

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